Welcome to  highcloutpharma

We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust

High Clout Pharma Limited (“HCP”) is a private limited liability company incorporated in 2012 to market and distribute pharmaceutical products.

It commenced operations in July 2012 with two products and recently expanded its product line to five.

It is family owned but managed by competent professionals with relevant experience.

Our major strength over the years has been management’s experience and vibrancy, personnel commitment and access to funding


High Clout Pharma is a unique pharmaceutical and client care is what sets our products apart from the rest. Our products have been tested and trusted over the years to have been very effective remedies for a wide range of infections and illness with no serious side effect(s)

Our Products

Caring for all your family’s pharmaceutical needs.

Working Hours

We are always open for business on Mondays – Saturdays between the hours of 9:00 – 20:00


At High Clout Pharma we utilize state of the art technologies and follow a standard hygienic process of production. With our detailed, outlined production process we ensure that our clients get the very best at an affordable price.